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How could they slap?

Is it still chivalry when someone attacks you and then you refuse to strike back because of their gender? Or is it sexism. Because if it were a male, we sure as heck would open a can of whoop-ass on the muth'r.
There has been a startling increase in the number of women who are the perpetrators of domestic violence.
The reason probably is jail and social stigma.
"I've had SAS soldiers in tears because the wife is a black belt karate expert and yet they know that if they even try to restrain her he might be charged with assault and domestic violence," she said.
In this age of gender equality, you do have the right to defend yourself against an attack no matter the gender. But youll probably end up in jail or stigmatized as a woman beater, even if she attacked you first.  

wacko inmates

just in case you missed it the first time

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Your tax dollars at work

Keep your blood pressure medication close by, grif.
Staff at Goldman Sachs staff [sic] can look forward to the biggest bonus payouts in the firm's 140-year history after a spectacular first half of the year, sparking concern that the big investment banks which survived the credit crunch will derail financial regulation reforms.

Let me get this straight. You bail them out, then they get the bonuses? Where's your bonus, taxpaying schmoe? "Spectacular first half of the year," it said. Sure, that's because the taxpayers bailed you out and not your competition.
explain this.

if you start seeing dinosaurs...

dried up

i have no comment.

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Captain America returns

Some say that he shits polystyrene...

... and that he has seventeen biological mothers all of whom nursed him with a mixture of oatmeal and unleaded gasoline. All we know is, he's called... Michael Schumacher??
online journalism today.

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what's YOUR wussy hobby?

oh, wait, that's right, you're not a badass.
movie coming up in 18 months.

most expensive cities

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in the World

1. Luanda, Angola
2008 rank: 1
Movie ticket (in US$): 16.85
Quick lunch (in US$): 57.92
Washing machine (in US$): 1090.47
Kilo (2.2 pounds) of rice (in US$): 5.65
Can of soft drink (in US$): 1.30

2. Tokyo, Japan
2008 rank: 13
Movie ticket: 19.16
Quick lunch: 16.48
Washing machine: 886.77
Kilo of rice: 8.45
Can of soft drink: 1.75

3. Nagoya, Japan
2008 rank: 20
Movie ticket: 17.46
Quick lunch: 15.33
Washing machine: 899.97
Kilo of rice: 8.80
Can of soft drink: 1.57

4. Yokohama, Japan
2008 rank: 15
Movie ticket: 18.48
Quick lunch: 17.11
Washing machine: 910.04
Kilo of rice: 6.28
Can of soft drink: 1.18

5. Kobe, Japan
2008 rank: 29
Movie ticket: 16.92
Quick lunch: 14.96
Washing machine: 588.32
Kilo of rice: 7.09
Can of soft drink: 1.38

6. Copenhagen, Denmark
2008 rank: 4
Movie ticket: 13.31
Quick lunch: 28.71
Washing machine: 1053.27
Kilo of rice: 4.24
Can of soft drink: 2.12

7. Oslo, Norway
2008 rank: 2
Movie ticket: 12.84
Quick lunch: 32.65
Washing machine: 808.01
Kilo of rice: 4.40
Can of soft drink: 2.07

8. Geneva, Switzerland
2008 rank: 6
Movie ticket: 14.07
Quick lunch: 27.57
Washing machine: 1213.67
Kilo of rice: 3.48
Can of soft drink: 1.02

9. Zurich, Switzerland
2008 rank: 8
Movie ticket: 14.11
Quick lunch: 21.56
Washing machine: 978.45
Kilo of rice: 2.79
Can of soft drink: 0.99

10. Basel, Switzerland
2008 rank: 9
Movie ticket: 13.73
Quick lunch: 21.15
Washing machine: 744.59
Kilo of rice: 3.01
Can of soft drink: 1.03

More 10

Ten more ways to provoke a geek argument.

See how exciting a geek's life is? If you say these things to normal people, all theyll say is, 'Pfsh' or give you a blank stare. They certainly won't respond with a tirade against these so called top ten.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the real warcraft!

if you can't beat 'em ...

flash 'em?

old fart really knows how to dance
and why am i not here??

agree or disagree?

Playboy's pulled article on right-wing women who need to be, uh ... well, just read the article (screenshots). so at least you can really claim you read one article!

aw, c'mon!!!

Time Bandit should be #1!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
w-why? you wouldn't have performance issues!
sure, but you will be arrested thereafter.


What were you saying about her thumb again?

This is NSFW, as if that has stopped you before.

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future of gaming?

And from your neighbor up north

Here's a contribution from, aka sunflower.

Let the bashing of the south asians begin.
wonky attitude too.
what? it wasn't Harry Puttar?
first a wonky thumb, now a wonky c-toe?
how GM killed the transit system.

Stalin hates emo

So what say you, Chairman Mao? I saw a lot of emo Chinese kids in Nanjing. To be fair, theyre not Goth. Theyre a distinctly Asian emo, a cross between A Flock of Seagulls and Korean telenovelas.
Legislation is currenting being formulated in Russia to heavily regulate emo websites and ban emo and goth dress style in schools and government buildings.

The new laws are apparently being driven by fears that these "dangerous teen trends" encourage depression and suicide.

I feel my personality changing already

You thought you knew your astrological sign, eh? Guess again. 
You will most likely find that once precession is taken into account, your zodiac sign is different. And if you were born between November 29 and December 17, your sign is actually one you never saw in the newspaper: you are an Ophiuchus! The eliptic passes through the constellation of Ophiuchus after Scorpius.
So youre not a Taurus, nor a Libra, nor a Virgo. Youre an Idiot. For believing this crap.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My baby returns

In 2001 or 2002, I forget when, in the forum, a thread on the silly place names acronyms was started -- ITALY, I trust and love you, JAPAN, Just always pray at night etc.. Eventually we ran out of the existing ones and started making acronyms up for place names that didnt have any, and I took on the task of coming up with one for the motherland, and wrote this
PHILIPPINES: Pumping hot, I love it. Please, please, I need erotic stimulation.
as my contribution. And thus I set this rather silly acronym free in cyberspace for everyone's edification. Imagine my joy when just last night, in a plurk by Marocharim, he posted for all and sundry the same acronym. It has come back to me, it's father, after all these years.
(No I have no documented proof that I am the acronym's dad. I went by the handle OrangeEgg at the time. I tried looking for it in the archives but I dont think they archive posts that old. You have to take it on faith since we're pals and all.)

if you're boycotting Transformers...

... here are alternatives.

the best reason not to watch the Transformers sequel.

L4D porn

it was only a matter of time.

Fight the power

Prepare for the coming revolution.
WTF? i missed them again?

Monday, June 08, 2009

there's always somebody smarter than you.

if this is the situation ...

let's just all agree to forget all debt. start afresh. whaddayasay?

and they say dolphins are smart

the only dolphin that's smart is the one who jumped the Alma Moreno ship for Zsa Zsa.
anybody want to reboot Star Wars?

Hmmm... Let's see...

... if this list makes our resident left-winger Grif decide to bat for the other team.*

*To me theyre the same team, like Ginebra and SMB are the same PBA team; different players but same owners, and no matter who wins, the owners clean up.

Friday, June 05, 2009

proof of alien living among us?
the intelligentsia and otherwise, on Google.

thanks to TinTin for the tip

how Air France could have disappeared

hey i didn't say it!!!

Gasper, the Friendly Ghost.

Ive got some good news and some bad news

First the good news. To Grif and I at least.
But Darwin showed that hairlessness was proof of a different type of evolution, not by natural selection but by sexual selection. Under natural selection, individuals survive if they are adapted to their environments: a brown bear, being conspicuous, would not last long in the Arctic, so it evolves into a polar bear. Sexual selection is not concerned with the environment but with sex: individuals breed only if they find a mate, so animals have to attract one. Consider the peacock.
It seems that some -- not all -- women are attracted to thinning hairlines. In other words, bald is teh sex-ay.
Hair plays a social signalling role in many older mammals. It goes grey - which can be a good thing. It is only the silverback gorilla(so-called named for obvious reasons) who can corral a harem of females, in part because gorillas of both sexes revere older males. We have retained our head hair so enabling that social signalling: grey hair on men can reinforce an alpha message of chiefdom. As can baldness. (Typos in the original.)
And the bad news? It's BULLSHIT!! You'd have to read the article to fully appreciate the heights and depths of bullshitery displayed here. 

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

ok dammit, who's the wiseass!?!?
best advice ever.

the collector cometh

sounds like they found their business model. news websites will follow suit. maybe shopping sites will also charge an "entrance" fee. nyhahahahahaha!
this thing IS self-aware.


And this barely a week after Obama holds a press conference about the importance of internet security.

I tell you this administration is promising to be as entertaining as the last one.