Tuesday, July 31, 2007


A few months ago, techno-pundits were predicting the demise of Sony's Blu-ray when the American porn industry chose HD-DVD as their format of choice, calling to mind the demise of Sony's superior Betamax when same purveyors of pussy-play productions chose VHS.

However, in a fit of nationalism, the widely popular and ever so perverted Japanese porn industry chooses Blu-ray to transmit their visions of tentacles, schoolgirls, and alien creatures boinking noisily to the world at large.

Now let's see in which direction the Europeans go. Although admittedly, the market for poop eaters is small.

go forth and ...

we saw this on TV and cringed. i don't care if you can afford it, its just not ... right.

At least it's not making its way into siopao

Panda's are so cute. And useful, too.
An official who answered the phone at the Chengdu facility said the
dung is "carefully selected, smashed, dried and sterilized at 300
degrees Celsius (572 degrees Fahrenheit)." He refused to give his name
but said the products will be of all colors because they will be dyed.

Nope. Can't show that to kids. Cant say that either

It's called a vocabulary, censors. Dumpuks.
Nichols has written for titles including The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and Casper's Scare School. He said he was told just last week to not use the words "heck" or "darn."

Other troublesome words for censors include "furnace," "vacation,"
"envy" and "remove" because they're supposedly too complicated for kids
to understand, Nichols said.

ISH #37 (Tuesday Edition)

another month, another ISH list. to close out July, here's our final candidate for your rating pleasure. take note, i said rating pleasure. what you do thereafter is none of my business, pervert.

Is She Hot?


this girl seems to evoke the times of the past. specifically those times where we didn't need no friggin' clothing. and marrying that culture with tasteful surroundings, that sounds like a good idea. just to reiterate though, and for your information, she really hates entanglements. good for you.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

ferrous oxide. not.

straight from the San Diego Con.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Simpsons live

it's Simpsons week, so i'm posting another Simpsons video. perhaps in the future there will truly be a live movie of this cartoon series.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Savior of the universe

king of the impossible

ISH #36 (Friday Edition)

no, we are not going to feature a girl named Simpson this week (and trust me, there's a lot out there ... or not). i'll leave that to the Homers who can't get enough of and out of a Kwik-E Mart. but i'd rather leave you with this before you leave for the cineplex. and she will still be waiting for you thereafter.

Is She Hot?


her name evokes either a luminous atmospheric phenomenon or the goddess of the dawn. take your pick. she's a fashion maven as well, both outside of and in the bedroom. she even gives new meaning to the word checkmate. surrender - resistance is futile.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Get that animal away from me!!!

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Oscar the cat seems to have an uncanny knack for
predicting when nursing home patients are going to die
, by curling up
next to them during their final hours.
No meaning to be a cynic but doesnt it skew the data a bit if the cat has this kind of reputation? I mean if you were a patient in that nursing home, and the cat cozied up next to you, won't it scare you so bad it would stress your already worn out systems up that it'll hasten your death?

On guitars... Dr. May!!

Rock star guitarist Brian May has continued his quest for a PhD in astrophysics that was brought to a premature end because he started earning gazillions of dollars as lead guitarist for Queen.

And he is this close to finally earning his doctorate.
“It was unfinished business,” he said. “I didn’t want an honorary Ph.D. I wanted the real thing that I worked for.”
Well done. In other news, Vanilla Ice has been promoted to chief fry cook.

still sawing

hopeless case.
terminator tele series
just in case the Palestinians attack

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

6 Movie Formulas That Has to Stop
Japanese graduation!
and we're stuck here.
lesbo cleavage.

ISH #35 (Tuesday Edition)

yes, yes, i apologize for last Friday's absence of something you usually look forward to in this blog. i hope you wiped off all the tears and drool on your face. actually, i should not be apologizing - blame the jerk who may have been stealing my internet connection heading into last weekend, slowing it down that even time bandit beat me to simpsonizing faces. i even had to call time warner cable (yes, i know! its so not me!) which i already knew beforehand was an exercise in futility. number of times passed to another "helpdesk" = 3.

anyway, taking a suggestion from time bandit (yes, i know! its so not me!), i changed my router password - i was too confident of the good in people ... no one would dare steal from an un-broadcasted SSID of a wireless connection now, would they? but it seems to have worked, for we are back to full blogging power.

an interesting take (and thanks for the save) that i never considered for an excuse - was the rumor that i may have been in line for that Pothead book. after i stopped laughing, i briefly thought that JKR may have intentionally caused the slowdown of teh internets to prevent the official book conclusion to be delivered to the masses before they actually bought a copy. why not? she's freakin' rich. she can do whatever she wants.

well, enough excuses. just like Pothead faces his final destiny, let us usher in the final chapter of what we started with ISH #32 ... hope, faith, charity ... and now ... LOVE. and it comes in 3 (wink, wink).

Is She Hot?

no relation to Linda, but hey ... who cares. as long as she keeps doing this. and this. and this.


i'm not sure what she's trying to get across ... perhaps its what her name connotes ... a female of the flesh.

if that don't work for you, here's a classic (yes, am copping out now):


we know she has a lot of mileage in her, but trust me ... she still knows what you were doing with her pics last summer.

if that still doesn't make it for you ... bleh. just Google the Love Twins and be done with it, scarfers.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Bombers over London

Not since the Battle of Britain has the UK sounded its air raid warnings. But they recently did. (Although I suspect they dont use them crank-up sirens anymore.)

Yesterday the British press was full of reports about new threats from Russia. The headlines of all the major papers were devoted to two topics: the appearance of Russian TU-95MC strategic bombers close to the airspace of the United Kingdom, and the revelation of an assassination attempt against Boris Berezovsky. The press reported that on Tuesday, two RAF Tornado fighter jets were scrambled to intercept Russian bombers that were approaching UK airspace near Scotland.
Limeys vs. Bolsheviks. Who ya got?

guess who!



Get thee behind me!

A 45 minute video on how we're being screwed and how it'll all come crashing down. Money for nothing? This one's money from nothing.

Edwards... Is she hot?

Aside from that cover where they proclaimed John Edwards Sexiest Woman Alive, Esquire also offers timely advice.

How To Enjoy Harry Potter (Without Reading 784,000 Pages of Crap)

This should put a smile on Grif's, um, face

Gotta love tomatoes.
In her crusade to show the world how much enjoyment can be
derived from Italian cooking, De Laurentiis goes through a lot of
tomatoes. An average of two thirty-two-ounce cans per day (as shown in
the first slide), to be precise.

i can never do this.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Salt water fuel

Quite a breakthrough as a scientist, looking for a cure for cancer, accidentally ignites salt water using radio waves.

If true, it could provide fuel for the 21st century, or set the entire planet on fire.

You think Paris Hilton could contribute some of hers?

And do some good for a change?
A genetically engineered herpes virus, designed to kill cancer cells
but leave normal tissue unharmed, has shown early promise in clinical
tests, scientists said on Saturday.

Take that!

Future jazz hall of famer (and staple of my college soundtrack) Pat Metheny lays the smackdown on Kenny G.
"But when Kenny G decided that it was appropriate for him to defile the music of the man who is probably the greatest jazz musician that has
ever lived by spewing his lame-ass, jive, pseudo bluesy, out-of-tune, noodling, wimped out, fucked up playing all over one of the great Louis's tracks (even one of his lesser ones), he did something that I would not have imagined possible. He, in one move, through his unbelievably pretentious and calloused musical decision to embark on this most cynical of musical paths, shit all over the graves of all the musicians past and present who have risked their lives by going out there on the road for years and years developing their own music inspired by the standards of grace that Louis Armstrong brought to every single note he played over an amazing lifetime as a musician. By disrespecting Louis, his legacy and by default, everyone who has ever tried to do something positive with improvised music and what it can be, Kenny G has created a new low point in modern culture - something that we all should be totally embarrassed about - and afraid of. We
ignore this, "let it slide", at our own peril.


"Since that record came out - in protest, as insignificant as it may be, I encourage everyone to boycott Kenny G recordings, concerts and
anything he is associated with. If asked about Kenny G, I will diss him and his music with the same passion that is in evidence in this little essay."

10 Best Simpsons' Endings Ever

does not include the Bronco Chase because we all now where that ended.
the gospel according to In-N-Out.
toilet paper!
God's Inbox.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

buy your ticket to San Diego!
Marvel's own superdickery.


courtesy of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center.

who knew!?

Friday, July 20, 2007

the road to porn ...

... is paved with good intentions (otherwise known as free laptops).

Danny Ocean is not a myth

it'd be funny if he hit Clooney's mansion.
the media is our friend!
we didn't even make the list?!?

what (stupid) men do

ever heard of WD-40? no? here's what it is. and here's what you shouldn't do.

i haves the power

not born a mutant? not a survivor of a destroyed alien planet?

no problemo.
wizards that can kick Harry's ass
5 deadliest cities
annoying office habits

Notice to the public

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Is She Hot, Friday Edition is postponed until further notice. Our gracious host, who brings us the bi-weekly editions of the best undiscovered talents in the internet has been detained indefinitely waiting in a queue for some children's book.

"It's for my... uh... my niece. That's right. It's for my niece," he told me when I asked him why he had been lining up for 2 days outside Borders for the book.

"You dont have a niece," I said.

"Why dont you just mind your %$$#^*!-ing business?," he said.

I decided to leave it at that.

I then turned to interview Time Bandit, but I lost him in the crowd of people wearing wizard costumes where he blended right in.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Prends garde ! Il a un club de golf !

Oh. You mean a real tiger. In that case... [goes back to sipping champagne]

If you can't beat 'em, tax 'em

Oh Canada.
The Copyright Board of Canada has released its decision on a series of motions contesting the latest attempt by the Canadian Private Copyright Collective to apply the private copying levy to iPods and removable memory storage cards.
From the comments section:
My brain can remember a song. Sometimes I may even whistle or sing the
song out loud. Everytime I do that, I think Celine Dione should get $1.

I guess that explains it

The data dont lie. I eagerly await the gender of your kids, Grif and TB. No pressure. Relax and procreate.
Kanazawa found that 56 percent of the most beautiful people in the survey had a daughter first compared with only 48 percent of the merely attractive, average, homely, and downright ugly people combined.


It was funny, and you had us. Ha-ha. But the jig is up. It was nice knowing you.

Look on the bright side: the time spent between trial and execution is pretty quick. Not like it is here where youre a decrepit old fart before they fry you.

An end to the siopao crisis

Yes, dear readers. The days of cardboard-filled siopao in China are numbered. No they won't go back to cat as their numbers are still at a precarious level. Instead, a new source is being studied that could end the siopao crisis of 2007.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

should we blame Al Gore for this too?

the iPhone is a piece of shit ...

... and so are you (says Maddox)

no, that wasn't Angelina's adopted punk.

ISH #34 (Tuesday Edition)

we've had hope and we've had faith (had, because we already lost them). now let us try to have charity.

Is She Hot?


charity is defined as generosity and benevolence towards others. as you can see from this, she defines generosity. and not to mention looking so benevolent - this should calm riots, not incite them. her generosity knows no bounds, even if she has to be on her knees to do it. and lest you forget, she puts a Supreme Being in the center of herself. what more do you want? please - give to Charity.

Monday, July 16, 2007

zero day


as per jego's suggestion, let's recap what we posted that fateful day a year ago. now that we look back on it, we actually declared war on the Japs then.




some of them may have been taken down already, since Google bought YouTube within the past year.

ISH list

arielle kebbel

allison stokke

mandy amano


nikki avalon *



elisabetta canalis


* due to public outrage, this entry was officially replaced by Petchara (and my own score followed popular opinion).
June Winner:

marisol nichols

katie fey/jenya

nicole woodruff

katherine jenkins


dyanna razin

kaelie hart


ivette blanche

May Winner: tie between Katherine and Bambi!

alina vacariu
moon bloodgood

lee ann liebenberg

tabitha tan

angel faith

melanie walsh

kari byron

gemma atkinson

jurgita valts

this month had a rogue candidate, Kari Byron, who managed to wangle a second-place finish due to her power over dorks, nerds, and geeks.
April Winner: Gemma Atkinson!

alizia gutierrez
hannah hilton
wendy culp

malia jones

this seems to be the only month that our enigmatic pal Ryukenden actively participated in surveys, before dropping off the face of the earth. just so he knows, he can easily search "Is She Hot" posts and the comment link is just one click away.
March Winner:
Malia Jones
Movie Madness.

tank boy

if this happened in America, it would be because of the crappy AT&T iPhone coverage.

These days they come in all shapes and sizes

Hey what if youre carrying a bomb in that PSP, eh?

"They almost got me scheduled in and then the lady just bowed her head and said, 'We can't get you on this plane, you're a terrorist,'" Moore said.

The soon-to-be third grader was red flagged as a threat to national security because his name popped up on the national watch list.
ashamed to read Potter in public?

It takes some doing...

to make Carlos the Jackal out to be a sanctimonious prick, but the Al Qaeda boys succeeded in doing just that.

“I’m not a sadist or a maso-chist – I don’t enjoy the suffering of others,” he
claimed in a thick Latin American accent. “When we had to eliminate them it
was in a cold, simple way with the least pain possible.”

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Edgar Rice Burroughs, a prophet

Tarzan's great apes have been found.

Deep in the Congolese jungle is a band of apes that, according to local legend, kill lions, catch fish and even howl at the moon. Local hunters speak of massive creatures that seem to be some sort of hybrid between a chimp and a gorilla.


They are actually a population of super-sized chimps with a unique culture - and it seems, a taste for big cat flesh.
(Via Jessica Zafra's blog.)

Could this be the future you?

I hope, mes amis, that the women you decide to spend the rest of your lives with isnt like you. Or else...
when your imagination runs wild
what? they're cooler than the Xformers?!

Saturday, July 14, 2007


never mind that Kung Pow 2: Tongue of Fury may not materialize, because there is Balls of Fury!

Friday, July 13, 2007


worst special FX ever
balls out! (NSFW, NSFLunch)


not only do they get to move their inventory because it makes sense (somehow) to grab it at $499, they now force the public to buy a model with an extra 20Gb (which is definitely not $100), and possibly without the extra game bundle when the existing 60Gbs are gone.

i think they are more concerned about their numbers and the bottom line, as well as trumping Microsoft within the next 8 to 10 months. way to go, Sony.

meanwhile, Nintendo is ROTFL.
do they still sell this?


click link above for news then go check the video on CNN.

Do your bit for science

And help astronomers classify the billions...and billions of galaxies in our own universe horizon.

Why do we need you?

The simple answer is that the human brain is much better at recognising
patterns than a computer can ever be. Any computer program we write to
sort our galaxies into categories would do a reasonable job, but it
would also inevitably throw out the unusual, the weird and the
wonderful. To rescue these interesting systems which have a story to
tell, we need you.

ISH #33 (Friday Edition)

Is She Hot?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

It may be too late now...

... for Michael Moore to show his boobs in his latest movie, Sicko. But he might in his next one if the marketing people deems it necessary. And we all know what an astute businessman he is.

Considering a college education for your kids?

Then you need to read this.

Academic degrees are no longer seen as a reliable indication of students' numerical and reasoning skills, the survey of more than 200 firms found.

Well, duh. Colleges have turned into diploma mills. Or worse, theyve turned into institutions of indoctrination instead of education. And we churn out these graduates everyday. More fodder for the machine.

(via Vox Day)

she'd rather have a colonoscopy

we could also rephrase this as "... she's going nowhere." right?
too bad Lola doesn't use torrents. nyahahaha.

fist be with you

now if Germany had superheroes ....

whaddaya say, Jego ... you want the complete (Marvel Comics)Civil War? (that's so last year, but still ...


we don't want to spook time bandit, but hey, facts are facts.

we do wish him well.

iShowOff. like, totally.
you think his hottie factor dropped a few points?
a perfect opportunity for ... um, not me.

tastes like cardboard

pfsssh. that's nothing. in Manila, we put cat meat in it.
nekkid finally?

Nope, hoss. That wasnt in the track

That was real lightning running through your earbuds and into your skull. May you rest in peace.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

we need bikini bandits...

... to curb accidents related to speeding

* i took the liberty of neutering this post because it will keep playing until it gets pushed back to the second page. we remind time bandit that future negligence will result direct neutering of the poster himself.

Bus-size squid washes up on beach

That's what the headline on CNN said. So I clicked in anticipation. Finally! Evidence of the Jules Verne's ship-devouring behemoths of the deep, long suspected by marine biologists to lurk in the shadowy depths. Hurry! Damn slow internet connection. Then... the first sentence: "A squid as long as a bus and weighing 550 pounds washed up on an Australian beach, officials said Wednesday."

And the picture: two men clearly larger than the squid. Bus sized? You can't even fit these 2 in the squid, you friggin sensationalist science reporter!


Jed says: "click on my pic to find out why i'm so stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid."

yes, its the guy whom some people think i look like him. not only do i not look like him, he's dumber than me as well.
read: the iPhone fine print.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Whu-? Where? Wada-?

what are they doing Down Under?

fuck heineken

fried in China

and this solves ... what?

Crap. Just what we need. More cops

To: Producers and Sponsors

This is a petition to bring The Police Reunion World Tour (2007-2008) to Manila, Philippines.

We are collecting over 10,000+ signatures from fans who would like to see them live in concert in Manila!

Sign up today! And tell your friends!


The Undersigned

Im not at all terribly excited about bringing Gordon, Andy, and Stewart back to our shores, but Im not one to spoil the fantasies of a few yuppies who are still stuck in the 80s. Dont get me wrong. I like the Police. Those were the times when Sting wasnt a pretentious prick yet. And Every Breath You Take is probably one of the most sinister songs ever to make the Top 40 and for that alone they deserve their place in the rock pantheon. But this sounds like something the likes of Tim Yap and his ilk would back and for that I dont want any part of it.

Now if someone starts a petition for an Eraserheads reunion...

Science at work

To help eradicate diseases such as malaria, dengue, and tuberculosis? Nope. To create better yielding grain that's resistant to pests and diseases? Nuh-uh. To harness the free energy from the sun or from hydrogen more efficiently so that development can come to the most remote rural areas in Asia and Africa? Try again.

To fight global warming by making cows burp less? Ding-ding-ding.

ISH #32 (Tuesday Edition)

hope, faith, charity and love are Christian virtues that have been espoused since the invention of public speaking. but to the cynics, they are indeed part and parcel of living in this world. unless you have been born inside a box and never experienced the human condition. our lives would really be meaningless without these virtues.

today, we need to have hope.

Is She Hot?


c'mon, who does NOT need hope? are you that arrogant? just look at her; you're such a Decepticon if your heart doesn't melt (or other anatomical occurrences). even if her photoshoot was done in squalid surroundings, it only demonstrates that hope exists in those conditions.

up next: we had a faith, but we'll try to find a better faith.

Help fight global warming...

... by poisoning the environment. Global warming is for poor people to worry about. In more ways than one.

Small amounts can also build up in the environment if the bulbs are thrown in the garbage and break or are incinerated. Mercury can enter the food chain and accumulate, for example, when big fish eat smaller fish that contain mercury, as is already the case with tuna and other large fish.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Read my lips, gullible ones

If Ive said it once, Ive said it a thousand times: Global warming is for poor people.

Live Earth is a waste of time and resources. They shouldve just given the money they raised to Bono's campaign against poverty in Africa.


The criminal mind has an endless supply of it.

Goodno said the robber was a white man, standing about 5 feet 8 inches tall, with a thin build and very dark hair. He wore a bluish-colored T-shirt, possibly with red trim, and blue jeans. He also had thick glasses, Goodno said.

Then there was the foliage. "He had tree branches duct-taped on his person, as if he was trying to camouflage himself in the woods," Goodno said.

Apparently he didn't realize there are no more elm trees on Elm Street.
If only he had the IQ to match his imagination.

Dropping ratings causes stress

And causes Ms Sunshine-and-Joy to turn violent.

This should explain Rosie's behavior.
open season.
well, do it right, you fundamentalist moron.

well look who's here?

hello happyslip!
Originally uploaded by Adventures of Tintin.
since jego thinks she's hot (see comments under blog entry "7-7-7"), i traveled all the way to Washington Square park to get a picture of her. pinay yata.

enjoy, jego! she sends her love.
Otto would be so proud.

or not.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Find out which Transformer you are at LiquidGeneration!

@the beach with Alessandra

don't just get turned off by the smoking

and here's more!
(before or after)
where were you, time bandit???
shut up, Mr. Softee

ISH #31 (Friday Edition)

ok, this week we are making an exception. that exception is the "category" or 'occupation' of the candidate. because perception is a bitch. yes, i know i said right from the beginning that we shouldn't care about photoshopping of or make-up worn by our candidates. but here's an interesting case. i'll leave you to decide.

Is She Hot?


Tiffany is July's Playmate of the Month (yes, that was the exception). but here she is in an Exposed.com photoshoot, and here's her incarnation under the House of Hef. doesn't she look more, shall we say, fetching?

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Die Hard, Potter!

like we're not scared already?

this is from CNN (new layout, btw).

we're being forced to be voyeurs to death and misfortune caused by sick individuals; how can we afford to "miss" the "terror scare" currently sweeping London? damn, we're supposed to feel shitty if we missed it??

what's next? "tune in at 11 AM for on-the-scene photos of railway bombing victims! you don't wanna miss that!"

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Well they would upset me, too

Google loses suit

Does this mean we have to email everybody we gave our gmail addresses to when the new address comes out?

Great publicity for Prius

But quite inconvenient for Al.

By the way, if youre doing 100 mph on a Prius, youre using the petrol part of the engine, and so youre not obeying your da-da, leaving a huge carbon footprint like that.

star spangled prezs


total recall

since grifter missed this panel, let's replay...

continue to part 2...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Dilbert catches on

Dilbert makes a case that the Boeing 787 is alive.

Something some jabroni has already written about here re: life on Mars.

But what if they just wanted a little ratatouille to go with their lamb?

Mahmood! Ilabas mo na ang talong mo at mamamasyal na tayo at lalanghap ng sariwang hangin. Huwag kalimutan ang keso.

We hold these truths to be self-evident...

... that the colonel has lost it.

Maybe Imelda should pay him another visit to calm him down some.

Ah, education

Oh shit!

Methane gas kills 5.
"I’ve worked here my whole life and I can’t remember a gas situation in a manure pit like this."

Transformers X-rated

where to find your inner Homer

7 Most Useless Transformers Ever

if you have extra money ...


what, no Manila???

Mo' gas

If you have a few verses of the Star Spangled banner left unfarted, try this dish and youll have enough left over for God Bless America.

Queer Eye for the Straight Commie Horde

The Red Army gets a makeover.

Men are to wear T-shaped uniforms that give them broader shoulders, and better-cut, narrower trousers so that they appear taller and stronger.

For women, the cut is X-shaped, with a cinched waist. Senior engineer Yang
Tingxin described the look as “much sassier”. Women have also been assigned
a softer cap with a turned-up brim that will give them a more feminine look.

ISH #30 (Tuesday Edition)

happy 4th of July. just don't take the fireworks out on us, mr. Terrorist Bomber. if you are one, what you need is just a dose of this girl. forget about the 77 virgins; that's just a load of crap.

Is She Hot?


i mean, take a look at her: do you think you can press that switch while she looks at you like this? or like this? i mean, you have to be holding something else, if she does this. c'mon now, we are the world, we are the children. we are the ones who'll make a brighter day so let's stop bombing.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Hell, yeah!

It's time for news anchors to put a stop to this madness.

"She argued that stories about Iraq and the White House were far more important than an update on the publicity-hungry socialite.

"She told viewers: "I hate it and I don't think it should be our lead."

Way to tell the suits!
maybe he thought it had bird flu?

armored core

death match!

ba't kayo sumisigaw??????

saging lang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ahhhhh tama naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

R u a Nerd?

You Are 24% Nerdy

You're a little nerdy, but no one would ever call you a nerd.
You sometimes get into nerdy things, but only after they've become a part of mainstream culture.