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sounds familiar

read this book's synopsis.

Now this, on the other hand...

... is my idea of science. Some surfer dude has written a paper on a possible 'Theory of Everything' that eluded Einstein. The current candidate is string theory, which is just story telling with lots of math. The theory isnt testable. This new guy's theory though, is.
So far, the interactions predicted by the complex geometrical
relationships inside E8 match with observations in the real world. And
it could be possible to test predictions. "How cool is that?" he says.

Dude, seriously

I thought you guys were just being facetious, and I was ready to laugh along but it turns out you were serious.
Parallel universes really do exist, according to a mathematical
discovery by Oxford scientists that sweeps away one of the key
objections to the mind boggling and controversial idea.
Mathematics aint reality. In math, you can divide a pizza into smaller and smaller slices: 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, ... 1/n, where n is some infinitely large number, the pizza slice getting smaller and smaller and approaches zero. Try doing that to a real pizza. You'll reach a pizza that is one 'pizza atom' thin (assuming that you can get a knife less than a 'pizza atom' thin), and guess what happens when you slice that? Youll release energy in the nucleus and you won't be able to divide it anymore because it'll be all over the place.

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#10 is all you need to know
right before her wedding too

green reaction

Kermit reacts to a previous post (NSFW) ... say goodbye to your childhood (if there's anything left).

Are you ready for some hot girl-on-girl action?

Not me.

One claimed that Hillary Clinton was having a lesbian affair with Huma Abedin,
her beautiful aide.

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add a stabbing and it'll be complete
who's that girl?


sounds like someone won't be getting the concluding issue of Y The Last Man (which is not to be confused with Will Smith's I Am Legend).

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These scientists...They invented a Boogeyman and now theyre scared of their imaginary creature.
Astronomers may have unwittingly hastened the end of the universe by simply looking at it, according to a new theory.
You have to read the whole thing--it aint long. Suffice it to say that today's science sounds more and more like story-telling. For one thing, Dark Energy (capitalized for effect) doesnt exist in any observable form. It just exists in a mathematical equation. It's just something added to an equation so that it'll come out right, a scientist's way of saying, "I have no idea what's going on, but this'll look good on my resumé. And look! I even have the math."

Im not knocking Math, but scientists and other technocrats--that includes you, economists--seem to confuse math with reality, and story-telling with science.

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write your own list!


so even if i did drive in the Apple, i'd still be in danger from all these morons.

Get your gear on

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Space race

China introduced taikonaut; now brace yourself for... kimchinaut!

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PS3 is for the desperate


2 things to learn here: don't lie about emergencies, and choose your costume wisely.

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your toy just got famous

must ... sue ... you

in the spirit of being threatened with a lawsuit, here's a dead-on article about the suit-happy mentality in this country.

must ... have ... gun

US Supreme Court may re-examine 2nd Amendment.

Washington, which is also home to the president and the government, has interpreted the amendment to mean that there is a collective right to bear arms for those who are part of a police force or a security force.

But since 1976, it has banned residents from carrying handguns, although they are allowed to keep a rifle or hunting gun in their homes, providing it is locked and not loaded.

For millions of Americans though, and especially the powerful gun lobby represented by the National Rifle Association, the second amendment guarantees the right of every American citizen to own any gun, with few limits.

wow. if the SC suddenly decides to amend the Amendment (with Supervisor Release), would we expect a nutcase to sneak inside the SC Building, gunning down most of the Justices before security officers stop him? sounds like a plot for the NRA and Hollywood! wooooohoooooo! call Tom "Looney Tune" Cruise! he needs a career right about now!!

go play outside

your TV Show Deathwatch

since Battlestar Galactica has not been updated yet, this only means there will be no more episodes, leaving everything in a cliffhanger until the strike is done, and almost of all of the cast will slowly migrate to Bionic Woman (in episodes that may not be filmed either). nyahahahahaha!


"It is already known that curvaceous women live longer and that men find them more attractive but the new research suggests that they are also cleverer."
The article says scientists found out that men's attraction to women with curves is based on something more than physical. These science geeks really need to get out more. But to clue them in: Yes, it's based on something purely physical. That Omega-3 finding is pure crap. We dont take a sample of the fat from a women's thighs before we are attracted to them.

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Jocks are stupid

ESPN reporter Rob Stone shows us how manly he is by taking a bite off the Naga Jolokia, the hottest damn chili in the world.

"I aint afraid of no chili pepper," he says.
strange Jap inventions

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The future is shit

Guess who's back

Boredom is a bitch. All that free time tending the garden could get to you. The megamillion buck salary helps too.

That's my breakfast this morning

Except for the avocado. Maybe I'll add that if I can find one. I had tomatoes instead.

I feel healthy
Oh so healthy
I feel healthy and wealthy and wise
La la laaa

you can't just get a free DVD ...

... just because you starred in it.
drunk girls

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