Wednesday, April 29, 2009

isn't this a variation of Romy and Michelle's HS Reunion?


right, because we are ignoring the potential masterminds in this case - Big Pharma. did we not hear the lady blame the US pig farm in her neighborhood? whose stock price is going up now eh?

the world is a village

as long as the online travel books are free, hell, why not?

the bogeyman expireth

the drumbeats have started

The latest in scientific bullshitery

It seems fat makes you remember stuff. Scientists are trying to develop a pill that would make memory 'stick'.
Researchers, looking into obesity, discovered that fatty foods not only send feelings of fullness to the brain but they also trigger a process that consolidates long term memories.

It believed that this is an evolutionary tool that enabled our distant ancestors to remember where rich sources of food were located.
Let me get this straight. Our ancestors ate fatty food and it triggered something in the chemicals in their brains so they would remember where the food was? Seriously? Look, if I ate rotten food at McJoe's bar and grill, wouldnt I remember that as well? Does that mean rotten food also makes my memories stick in my brain?
"Remembering the location and context of a fatty meal was probably an important survival mechanism for early humans," he said. "It makes sense that mammals have this capability."

Gee, you think? Did it take millions of dollars in research money to tell you that? And your contention is that the fat did made them remember? Something like, say, watermelons won't work?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

wanna kill joey? a lot of 'em?

then here's your chance.


Well, well, well

Looks like the new Obama administration is taking a page out of G.W.'s playbook, hoping that war would provide the necessary stimulus to the economy. Because after all, what's good for Halliburton -- or whoever the new administration backs -- is good for America, yes?
Mrs Clinton told a congressional panel the situation in Pakistan posed a "mortal threat" to world security.
She said extremists were being allowed to control territory such as the Swat Valley, in north-western Pakistan.
Change you can believe in.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

where i am vs. where you are (as of April 2009)
awful secrets of your favorite cartoon characters

you should know this by now

when Black Friday comes, blah blah blah.

If you just want chicks to look better in a bikini

... than say so. Enough of this pseudo-scientific bullshittery
Given that it takes more energy to move heavier people, transportation of heavier people requires more fuel, which creates more greenhouse gas emissions, the authors write.
Oh and global warming? What global warming
ICE is expanding in much of Antarctica, contrary to the widespread public belief that global warming is melting the continental ice cap.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

no worries! we still have chicken of the sea!
well, somebody finally had balls!
a monumental achievement in 40 years
Super Hooters Girls!

they were taking pics of a zombie!

revenge of the paparazzi

Take that!

It's download heaven courtesy of Google.
In China, it’s easy to get free music: simply fire up search engines Baidu or Google (Google reviews), enter an artist you’d like to listen to, and download the melodies. In a country where (IFPI claims) 99 percent of all music files are pirated, the major record labels are happy to get at least an advertising revenue split with a popular search engine in exchange for giving out music for free.
In some areas, they make more sense than you yanks.

Thank your Yank ancestors

... for working hard, making your country prosperous, giving you a buffer of wealth because...

There, but for the grace of God, go you.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wait, what? I thought you said Fox News

Et tu, Brute?
"It was an intensive, three-hour dinner at 30 Rock which Zucker himself was behind," a source familiar with the powwow told us. "There was a long discussion about whether CNBC has become too conservative and is beating up on Obama too much. There's great concern that CNBC is now the anti-Obama network. The whole meeting was really kind of creepy."
you never know who's inside eh?
other than that, you can pretty much do anything.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I got an email today from some social networking site called Tagged, in which I dont have an account, nor will I ever get an account, asking me to confirm whether or not the photo in the email is me. It is.

However, the file isnt in any website. It's in my harddisk. As far as I know I have never given this photo to anybody, have not tagged it as mine. How did these creeps get into my computer?

rush, rush

hurry, hurry, die already.

That explains it, eh?

Whatever you do, dont confuse the cops.
In a ruling made public on Tuesday, Judge Peter C. Dorsey of the United States District Court in New Haven agreed that the plaintiff, Robert Jordan, was denied an opportunity to interview for a police job because of his high test scores. But he said that that did not mean Mr. Jordan was a victim of discrimination.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

BS Meter Alert!

yes, yes, i'm a virus. you have a problem with that?

lice lice lice yeah!

well, that'll teach you to spread lice!!!
this is how you kill zombies!

But he's a rock star!

And rock stars get laid.
Arthur Kelly, a mortgage company manager from West Long Branch, New Jersey, alleged in court this week that his wife of 17 years, Ann, had slept with Springsteen "at various times and places too numerous to mention" after meeting him at a gym.

He's just a regular guy at heart

and wouldnt have aristocratic nor elitist tendencies, right? 
When you're the president of the United States, only the best pizza will do - even if that means flying a chef 860 miles.

Chris Sommers, 33, jetted into Washington from St Louis, Missouri, on Thursday with a suitcase of dough, cheese and pans to to prepare food for the Obamas and their staff.
Flying a chef in to make a pizza. How green is that? Gore should confer upon him the Order of the Hypocrite.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Dubai de-pantsed

so, you got your own stink eh? good to know.
maybe because he spurned his advances?

But it was made of meat!

What were they supposed to do with it?
MANILA, Philippines - Fishermen in the Philippines accidentally caught and later ate a megamouth shark, one of the rarest fishes in the world with only 40 others recorded to have been encountered, the World Wildlife Fund said Tuesday.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The all-girl band

This relates to a post the Grif put up in his other blog when he mentioned that women's proclivities prevent an all-female band from lasting beyond a decade. (No link to the post unless the Grif puts it up himself.)

The title says it all: Catfights over handbags and tears in the toilets. When this producer launched a women-only TV company she thought she'd kissed goodbye to conflict...

And the woman exec is forced into this conclusion:
And while I stand by my initial reason for excluding male employees - because they have an easy ride in TV - if I were to do it again, I'd definitely employ men. In fact, I'd probably employ only men.
remove Dunst and we'll be fine
that's still not Captain America!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Save and show your boss.

My bullshit detector is going berserk on this one but what the heck:
The University of Melbourne study showed that people who use the Internet for personal reasons at work are about 9 percent more productive that those who do not.
Methinks the people who have time to browse the internet at work are already more productive, that is, they finish their tasks quicker, hence they have time to twitter or plurk. But Im all fall for internet breaks at work, dont get me wrong. Tedium is the workers' worst enemy.

Speaking of tedium...

Thursday, April 02, 2009

real people (totally NSFW)

Move along now, people. Nothing to see here.

No this isnt funny. 
“There were four or five police officers. They were here before the fire brigade. We heard the sirens and we came across to help but they wouldn’t let us.

“I thought the police were there to protect lives. At one time they would have have gone inside themselves to try and rescue them.

“When a family is burning to death in front of your eyes, rules should go out of the window – especially with kids. Everybody wanted to try and help.”