Friday, June 05, 2009

Ive got some good news and some bad news

First the good news. To Grif and I at least.
But Darwin showed that hairlessness was proof of a different type of evolution, not by natural selection but by sexual selection. Under natural selection, individuals survive if they are adapted to their environments: a brown bear, being conspicuous, would not last long in the Arctic, so it evolves into a polar bear. Sexual selection is not concerned with the environment but with sex: individuals breed only if they find a mate, so animals have to attract one. Consider the peacock.
It seems that some -- not all -- women are attracted to thinning hairlines. In other words, bald is teh sex-ay.
Hair plays a social signalling role in many older mammals. It goes grey - which can be a good thing. It is only the silverback gorilla(so-called named for obvious reasons) who can corral a harem of females, in part because gorillas of both sexes revere older males. We have retained our head hair so enabling that social signalling: grey hair on men can reinforce an alpha message of chiefdom. As can baldness. (Typos in the original.)
And the bad news? It's BULLSHIT!! You'd have to read the article to fully appreciate the heights and depths of bullshitery displayed here. 

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dammit! you had me going there.