Friday, August 31, 2007

form of ... shit!

Gylenhaal twin powers activate!

in related rumors, the name of the Dark Knight is Zoolander. Bruce Zoolander.

i don't know if i should laugh or cry.
Stripper 101
The Matris, Reloaded.

ISH #46 (Friday Edition)

what do we need to calm down our fans and readers? why, a dose of girl-next-door beauty, of course. but there's still that chance that they won't be calm, if you know what i mean ...

Is She Hot?


if she were your neighbor, wouldn't you be waking up early to catch her like this? she could be interested in you - just make sure you brush your teeth and wash your face, barbarian. are you an animal lover? then chat her up - she loves puppies! not to mention being paparazzi-friendly, she's almost uninteresting. almost.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bean the Drum!
ok, am taking the grill this Sunday.
how to advertise men's underwear (NSFW)
what, he just met Hannibal Lecter?

download these films


ok, you all should know better.

Im thinking of giving up rice

About 140 million people, mainly in developing countries, are being poisoned by arsenic in their drinking water, researchers believe.
The first signs that arsenic-contaminated water might be a major health issue emerged in the 1980s, with the documentation of poisoned communities in Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal.
Since then, large-scale contamination has been found in other Asian countries such as China, Cambodia and Vietnam, in South America and Africa.

Great. And we're importing rice from China and Vietnam. I fondly remember the days when we were actually exporting rice. And other countries would send their best agriculture students to study here to improve their rice production. Now we're exporting people.

The list so far

No this is a different list. Not the updated list of educators youve learned to love.

This is the list of companies suing Google to date. Good luck, idiots. Google owns your ass already. You just dont know it.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

how to be the perfect girlfriend

ok, redirect your girls chicks to this!
update: what Ms Teen South Carolina meant.
gPhone! gPhone! gPhone!

we'd fry first before we give up our right to be gay!

well, Al Gore, its official: no one cares.

i dares ya!

something to make you lose your lunch.

true quack

TQ shows his true colors. jego, can you confirm?
you don't need to caption this!

you on the tube

i guess if you're dumb enough to join ...

The Party vs. The Dalai Lama. Who you got?

I didnt know that the authority of the Chinese government extended to the afterlife. Such is the power of those Commies!
In one of history's more absurd acts of totalitarianism, China has
banned Buddhist monks in Tibet from reincarnating without government
You sink you can escape za power of za Communist Party, do you, Dalai Lama? HAH! Vee haf vays of making you stay dead.

(So it's a German accent. Sue me. Nothing sounds more sinister than an evil German accent.)

It's only fair

We've been eating them for ages. Let them eat us. In a spa, even.

via ExpectoRants.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Who says Americans are illiterate?

walking between raindrops (not)

post-grunge/Kobain, there's nothing for their generation to do.

ISH #45 (Tuesday Edition)

the last few weeks of summer ... enjoy the heat and the sweltering humidity. your only hope may be thoughts of lying on a hammock on a South Pacific island, being served pina coladas by our next candidate.

Is She Hot?


she has obviously no qualms letting you have a feast for your eyes, and she'll even do some tweaking if you want. and if you want her to cross into NSFW territory, that's no problem as well.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Friday, August 24, 2007


she went over to the dark side - as one of Obama Bin Laden's 77 virgins.

hey, wait ... is she hot? whaddayathink?


i guess this means those idiot celebs and pa-trendies back home who bought iPhones can now enjoy them.

lively hallow

updated from a previous post ... time bandit is celebrating - she's 18!

ISH #44 (Friday Edition)

to end your week, we go under ... down under, that is. to meet the girl who was voted Sexiest Aussie Babe by readers of some mag called FHM. well, you decide if they were right. i already gave her a thumbs up. so to speak.

Is She Hot?


even without shedding clothing, she already makes you want to be her student and be molested (hey, check the comments on old posts - these are valid aspirations!). also, do you like cats? then she's perfect for you. but then again, there's nothing like celebrity skin to rein you in - don't forget to wipe off your keyboard, pervo.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

no to jamba
admit it, you cheered for Nitro!

deathly hallow

HP being groped by a dirty old man? who knows? time bandit, this could be you!
to text, perchance to dream ... (and die)

who th-?! the nerve!

i most certainly do not! i live in my own basement, jerk!

where the grass is greener

if you can't find a suitable place in Jersey, time bandit, this is the place you should move to.

Curb your enthusiasm

With the slowly creeping realization that democracy won't work, I wonder what the revision of the neocons' raisson d'etre would look like. Since this experiment in exporting democracy didnt work, what sort of tweaks will they make on their philosphy?

"But," they might say, "it worked in the Philippines!"

"Yes but that was in 1900, man. And we werent keen on killing each other back then."

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

90 is the new 40

plenty of meat?? you mean its not Viagra??

the fall of teh Internets?

Comcast, Evil Empire, has thrown the gauntlet.

that means time bandit is back to "paying" for his movies.
move over, Jason Bourne!

The Chairman's hordes vs The Emperor's legions

In which case, youre screwed

Onward Christian soldiers marching as to war...

Feel the love, brothers and sisters.

Time for some family love

Out now. The nephew's debut album and its first single below.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Limeys vs Bolsheviks II

What are these Russkies thinking? This is the jet age, Boris. You really think vodka-powered, propeller-driven bombers would stand a chance in the age of videogame weapons systems?
photo without and with flash.

ISH list

last month's tally:

georgia rose

tiffany selby



charity hodges

alyssa lovelace

isis love





July winner: Aurora

get connected

tired of Friendster? too hip for Facebook? this is for you!

ISH #43 (Tuesday Edition)

let's mix it up a bit. a defensive front seven, in football terms, is the first and second lines of defense tasked to stop the opposing team from advancing the ball. swiping from the sport, here's a front seven that could stop you easily.

Is She Hot?








that should keep you busy for a few more seconds than usual. or you can always check those who didn't make the cut. sorry, these are cheerleaders, a bit of a step up from our usual leerleaders.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Somebody win the format wars already...

... so Grifter can buy a new DVD player. Gadget geek.
''Spider-Man 3'' will only be available in the Blu-ray DVD format when it is released by Sony Pictures, while people with Blu-ray players won't be able to enjoy the action-thriller ''The Bourne Ultimatum,'' which Universal Pictures will release only in HD DVD.
But so far, it doesnt look good for Blu-ray.

License and registration please

German scientists have announced that they have broken the speed of light, the speed limit of the universe.
Dr Nimtz told New Scientist magazine: "For the time being, this is the only violation of special relativity that I know of."
Well, swell, Nimtz. Except that in the early 80's, this guy already did that with paired particles. Something that a DC writer* (forgot who--help me out, grif) used for a JLA story.

*Was it Ennis?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Friday, August 17, 2007

virgins flee Hell!

Bear Grylls is DA MAN!!!

watch him cross the lava bridge.


ISH #42 (Friday Edition)

saving you from the dog-days of August, here's your favorite Friday indulgence (that, aside from goofing off at work and chatting up your crush in the place where you say you "work at".

Is She Hot?


what's the girl made of? white linen and cool baths. oh, and she likes, ummm ... things wrapped around her neck, as you can see. she hopes thats okay with you.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Out-yapping Yap

I never thought it would be possible to out-yap Tim Yap but this chick sure did. This site has the goods, including links to scanned pages of the actual article as well as links to how other bloggers are reacting. I never read the full article because right from the first sentences I knew it was another self-indulgent exercise. Nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that she gets paid to spew drivel, and this I find offensive.

"However I forgot that the hub was in Dubai and the majority of OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) were stationed there. The duty-free shop was overrun with Filipino workers selling cell phones and perfume. Meanwhile, I wanted to slash my wrists at the thought of being trapped in a plane with all of them."
And this...creature... of sunshine and joy, had the unique skill of defending that statement as well as others like it, while her pinky was up typing on the keyboard and her thumb on her nose at our OFWs.
"Just recently, I wrote a funny article in my magazine column and my friends thought it was hilarious. It was humorous and quite tongue-in-cheek, or at least I thought so, until the magazine got a few e-mails from people who didn’t get the meaning of my acerbic wit."
What, pray tell, was the meaning of her acerbic wit? What lesson are we supposed to learn? That you can spray a gallon of Jo Malone on yourself and still stink? If that's it, then we get it.

See also:
Abe Margallo

Green light

A glorious day for world literature is almost upon us as the book we feared would not see print is close to being published. It just shows that there is no putting down art no matter how many illiterate Philistines try to do so. It will find a way as long as there are those who clamor for the true, the good, and the beautiful.

James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, meet your successor.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


click here, then click on Portfolio, then click on a face, and watch the magic while moving your mouse in and out of the pic.
trying not to be a lesbo? (for time bandit)

Our newest export

I never thought I'd see the day when our laughable elections would be our newest export to the US, the very country whose democracy we try to ape (no pun intended).

Who would have thought that Manila sweatshops would figure prominently in the manufacture of U.S. voting machines?It turns out that Election Systems & Software, one of the top voting machine companies in the country, has its machines assembled in a Philippines sweatshop.


Anyone who has been reading the e-voting posts here will know that ES&S machines are at the heart of a 2006 election dispute in Sarasota, Florida, where some 18,000 ballots cast on the company's touch-screen voting machines showed no vote cast in a congressional race.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

You want boundaries, eh?

Pfsh. Snarky idiot thinks actors shouldnt inflict their musical stylings on the public by coming out with their own CDs eh? Well then if that's the case, musicians shouldnt inflict their thespic (I use the term rather loosely) skills on us as well. Are you listening Britney? Mariah? Fiddy-cent? Vanilla Ice, for the love of all that's holy!!

ISH #41 (Tuesday Edition)

despite the most feared powerbroker in the White House stepping down barely 24 hours ago, masses all over are more ecstatic that its already Tuesday, and that means, its time once again ... for everybody ... to come aboard ... the ISH train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is She Hot?


if only POTUS' aides looked like this. i mean really. he probably could have survived the crap that is Iraq and avoided a lame duck presidency. or he could have asked her to run the Oval Office once in a while. its a throne you won't begrudge her sitting on.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cowell is against child labor

Is Simon Cowell a heartless bastard, or is he saner than the kid's parents? We report, you decide.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hottest Women of Horror Movies

defender of the universe

New Regency has partnered with the Mark Gordon Co. to adapt Voltron: Defender of the Universe, the 1980s Japanese animated SF TV show, into a possible franchise, Variety reported.
Producer Mark Gordon has been developing the movie, with Justin Marks writing the script.

Interest in the property hit a high after Transformers turned into a box-office juggernaut, raking in nearly $300 million to date.

Marks' take is described as a post-apocalyptic tale of survival set in New York City and Mexico.

In the animated series, five Galaxy Alliance pilots control vehicles shaped like lions that combine and form the massive sword-wielding Voltron robot in order to battle an evil menace.

Marks is also adapting He-Man and the Masters of the Universe for Joel Silver at Warner Brothers and the DC Comics superhero Green Arrow for Supermax.


Friday, August 10, 2007

there IS hope for everyone!

One can only hope...

... that none of the women we feature at ISH suffers from a lack of self-esteem. But if they did subject themselves to this procedure, I offer this advice to them and all other women:

1) We only need a handful, and would be quite happy with less. Really. Guys who insist on more are greedy.
2) That's not the most important part. I can think of at least two parts of the anatomy that would give guys more pleasure.

Now put down that vial of sleeping pills!!

ISH #40 (Friday Edition)

take a 3-minute break, forget all your troubles, forget all your cares, before you go back to what you were doing (or more specifically, what you were not doing). yes, we know you're not working slacker! make it quick before your boss sees you!!!

Is She Hot?


bam. bam. bam. you decide. i'm sure you'd be tempted to go ... downtown.

but then again, if you're like time bandit, you wouldn't stay more than a minute here. he's kinda hard to please. i pity the chick who finally makes him her boyfriend.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Jurassic Aquarium

Warning. Not a toy.

Turn an old DVD burner into a handy camping tool that could, if used incorrectly, blind your neighbor permanently. Use with extreme caution.

Laser Flashlight Hack! - video powered by Metacafe

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

6 Movies + Fantasy Directors
Hello Kitty fans riot, film at 11.
celebrity day jobs


10 Moments from the SDCC!

personally liked the Kevin Smith slapdown.


ok, listen up, would-be pervos.


It isnt the all-beef patties, special sauce, cheese, lettuce on a sesame seed bun. It's the packaging.
Preschoolers preferred the taste of burgers and fries when they came in
McDonald's wrappers over the same food in plain wrapping, U.S.
researchers said, suggesting fast-food marketing reaches the very young.
What can I say? Marketing that targets children is pure genius.

ISH #39 (Tuesday Edition)

went to the beach couple of weeks back, just to beat the heat. i still wanna go back, 'cause the heat keeps on coming. especially like the one below.

Is She Hot?


nice? or naughty? you decide. wait, she decides. bring sunblock.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Getting high on dad

Keith Richards confirms the 'I snorted dad' story, but

"The cocaine bit was rubbish," he said. "I said I chopped him up like cocaine, not with.
I suppose he's doing what some Pacific island tribes do to their dead--eat their brains. This practice provided valuable clues to scientists studying Mad Cow disease after said Pacific islanders' brains started spongifying.

One can almost be sure that Richards didnt get high from snorting his dad's ashes. The same cannot be said of anyone snorting Richards's ashes.
this should bring Newark to the top 10.
use the force, Miss.

Sunday, August 05, 2007


I wonder what our government will do to these people who openly defied the ban on sending workers to Iraq. That was a rhetorical question. We know what it'll do. Nothing.

An American civilian contractor has described scenes of panic and hysteria
last year as Filipino construction workers were told that they were on a
plane bound for Baghdad rather than Dubai.

Passengers jumped out of their seats screaming in protest until a gun-toting
air steward ordered them to sit down, claimed Rory Mayberry, an emergency
medical technician travelling on the same flight.

Mayberry said the men were “kidnapped” to build America’s luxurious new
embassy in Baghdad’s green zone. He gave his account to a congressional
committee investigating allegations of fraud at what will be America’s
largest diplomatic mission.

alert the paparazzi and the criminal underground!
have a sub in Brooklyn


note to friends: make sure you don't get caught. really.

old school Correlian typewriter art

Saturday, August 04, 2007

gojira 2008

Friday, August 03, 2007

just go play ISH with this, nerds!

the wall

i bet this group is led by a certain Nazi witch from our (cough cough) European office ... whose name rhymes with Lorraine Book.

No, youre not suffering from a disorder

Youre just greedy. So I'll just have to deny your claim for disability benefits, Lard-ass.

ISH #38 (Friday Edition)

right now, its almost a hundred degrees here in the big city. summer is in the midst of wreaking havoc as usual. but is that the only reason? maybe we should find other reasons for the heat ... like this one.

Is She Hot?


with such heat, i don't blame her if she keeps wanting to lie down. but that doesn't mean it has to be a boring activity eh? the only problem with this kind of venture is that the temperature keeps rising.

i could post more of the NSFW variety, but i didn't want to reclassify the PG rating of this blog. you can always Google; just make sure your hand network police is properly greased.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Not as their new mascot, no

Manchester United has always had an eye for young talent: Beckham, Rooney, Ronaldo, for example. That tradition continues as Manchester United has signed a 9-yr old Australian to train with the club. That wasnt a typo. The kid is nine-friggin-years old.

Wunderkind? I wonder what the Department of Labor thinks.
9 things you'll be sorry you learned
magazine illusions