Thursday, August 31, 2006

Go and multiply

here's an illustrated guide on how to make a baby.

Made for toilet

Only in the Philippines.

Dubyah rocks!!

John Lennon would be so proud.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


first pic of Cruise-Holmes baby!!!! not kidding!!!

NSFW! or Lunch!

holy mother of soul!!!

i mean ... geez!!! i can't imagine conjuring any R.E.S.P.E.C.T. right now.

Two of the toughest fighters in the world...

... and the Japs managed to make them look gay.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

SFW although it doesnt look it.

emmy o'brien

only caught the latter part last night (yeah, 24!!!)

thank you, YouTube (the new MTV)!

and here's one that got past the censors ... seriously, she was mugging for the cameras last night and that seemed closer to how her character would behave (vapid machinegun Kelly)

Monday, August 28, 2006


somewhere in the Manila, some kids could be singing this.

weep, motherland, weep.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Friday, August 25, 2006

for your height only

weeks ago, i posted about the mini-gun being developed by a Swiss company and wondered who would use such tiny weapon. turns out it's the weapon of choice of the Philippine's vertically-challenged super spy known only as agent 00. he kicks ass and gets the chicks! check out the video clip.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


in the wake of the respective Dell and Apple recalls of their laptop batteries, let us recap the spectacular events that prompted such.

as covered by endgadget and kcci.

of course, there will still be some stupid people who would do this.

so, word of advice, don't get into a fight with your gadgets, and don't leave your laptops plugged too long unsupervised (especially if its a Dell).

dance mofo

just to pile on with Tom Cruise' recent axing by Paramount ... a look back at one of last year's YouTube highlights.

man, that short alien is a dancing machine, baby!!!

creepy! 2.0

crap! this could've been me! i should start being more anti-social, stay online 24/7, and lurk in sleazier places on the 'net, than posting on blogs like these!

stop dialling that 1-800 number

this is what you get for $2.99 a minute.


sushmita sen ... hottie?

man. un-man.

i'm #7!!!!!

and you may be one of these 10!!! (admit it, you want to be Banner)



note: turn the volume up then click on pic.

geek food

USB Bar-b-q, anybody?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

coming soon ...

... to a comic store near you.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

silent library

another japanese game show that proves how weird they are.


More Transformers toys/concept art for upcoming movie.

Better yet, join the TFW2005 message boards.

feel the magic, hear the roar

WTF?? now its Josie and the Thundercats???

i can see it now ... Lion-O breaks his Guitar of Omens on Mumm-Ra's head, winning the Thundera Battle of the Bands 2007.

ice bitch

there's more where Björk came from:

Silvía Night (nee Ágústa Eva Erlendsdóttir), Icelandic popstar, being outrageous like any celebrity.

Monday, August 21, 2006

the third reich is here

the third reich is alive and kicking in india and hongkong.

NSFW: dangerous kurbs ahead

black snake moan

Samuel Jackson's next movie will also have some "snakes" involved, but hey, as long as he gets some of these, eh?

yeah, the subject line is the movie.

die die die

yuck, kids! crabs are not good for YOU!!!!

shit, if i were a clueless 7 year-old and they were pushing this as part of Banco Filipino's Happy Savers Club (which they did back in '79 - freaking Sanrio and Hello Kitty were the rage), i'd go back in time and kill all those marketing reps.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Human drama

Mr. God vs. Mr. Gay on Vimeo

Place bets now!

Awwwwritely then!

will this be the beginning of the end of MS Word?

Friday, August 18, 2006

Transformers roll call

the list of Transformer characters that will appear in the movie is revealed today. i'm surprised to see a very short list. i don't even recognize some of the Decepticons. where are the familiar ones like Soundwave, Shockwave, and Thundercracker?

  • Optimus Prime

  • Megatron
  • Bumblebee

  • Starscream
  • Jazz

  • Brawl
  • Ratchet

  • Bonecrusher
  • Ironhide

  • Skorpinok

  • Frenzy

  • Blackout

  • Barricade
  • Rate her

    the search for a vampiriella.


    download me!


    got this from a colleague. try it!

    search engines usually look for keywords within a website, and the more keywords, the higher probability of the hit. meta-tags, which the owner or writer of the website can set in the headers, to be able to get picked up immediately by search engines, can also be crucial in this regard (especially vendor sites).

    so what does the above tell us - there are too many instances of the word in the site, or the website authors purposely, made sure, that such a keyword would have a high relevancy rate for search engines?

    of course, if you switch the same search to Images mode, you-know-who's pic is also gonna appear (just not the White House site).

    Thursday, August 17, 2006


    i see drunk people!!!!

    who's next? dakota fanning?


    suspected JonBenet killer John Mark Karr.

    and he fled to Bangkok. why am i not surprised? bitch probably has had lots of boygirls since.

    An end to Hwak Tu?

    All I can say is 'good luck'

    Wednesday, August 16, 2006

    Eis Eis Kleinkind

    digital? or truth? (purportedly Geneva in winter)

    yeeech. i don't wanna live there.

    lucky there's a ...

    cool mash-up!

    useless big stick

    speak softly, but carry a big stick ... TR assumed those who use this adage would be smart enough ...

    Tuesday, August 15, 2006

    lookin' fer a hound dawg

    the prince and the puppies

    who cares if they're fake?! dude's a man!!! awright!!!!

    wait ... the girl looks like their mum!!!
    just kidding.

    Monday, August 14, 2006

    spelling bee zombies


    would airport metal detectors detect this?

    mr. clean

    now we just need Jacko, George Michael, Madonna, and Phil Collins doing the same thing, and we'd have the 80's Cleanup Band!!

    NEW YORK (AP) -- With a city-issued broom in his hand, Boy George started his court-ordered community service early Monday, sweeping leaves and trash off the sidewalks of New York.

    It took less than an hour for the former Culture Club frontman to get into a spat with the media.

    "You think you're better than me?" he yelled. "Go home. Let me do my community service." ... (continue to CNN)


    probably from a sick Jap mind. you can tell those pictured are not white or black.

    Sunday, August 13, 2006

    liquid generation

    Samuel L. Jackson will make a sequel to the forthcoming movie Snakes on a Plane. the draft poster is already out.

    lowered expectations

    Osama is looking for sexy time with girls with yellow hair.

    Saturday, August 12, 2006

    Challenge of the South Park Friends

    Avengers assemble!

    Avengers Live Action Film Headed to Theaters. Veteran super-hero scripter Zak Penn is at work on bringing the Earth's Mightiest Heroes to a movie theater near you. For more information, click this link.

    Who should play the characters?

    Friday, August 11, 2006

    charlie in the spielberg factory

    pop music

    pops or photoshop-pops? Martin didn't recognize her daw. Nyahahahaha.

    ok, maybe slightly NSFW.

    Thursday, August 10, 2006


    note to all: checking the people who look up this blog, two of the most Googled subjects/topics which eventually land them here are that Tonatzin chick, and the recently/suspiciously-missing Egyptian students.

    go figure. well, maybe not.

    Wednesday, August 09, 2006

    Tuesday, August 08, 2006


    Public Service:

    • El Sayed Ahmed Elsayed Ibrahim, 20

    • Eslam Ibrahim Mohamed El Dessouki, 21

    • Alaa Abd El Fattah Ali El Bahnasawi, 20

    • Mohamed Ragab Mohamed Abd Alla, 22

    • Ahmed Refaat Saad El Moghazi El Laket, 19

    • Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Abou El Ela, 21

    • Mohamed Ibrahim Elsayed El Moghazy, 20

    • Ebrahim Mabrouk Moustafa Abdou, 22

    • Moustafa Wagdy Moustafa El Gafary, 18

    • Mohamed Saleh Ahmed Maray, 20

    • Mohamed Ibrahim Fouaad El Shenawy, 17

    missing Egyptian students; enrolled with valid student visas in a Montana school, never showed up.

    not profiling; just cautious. remember 9/11?

    UPDATE (8/9):
    only 8 remain - the rest have turned up or were arrested. given if they're innocent, were these people under a rock? don't they know their ethnicity paints a target on their backs, and they think its okay to just disappear and find jobs?


    what th-?? they have already done this in YouTube! LOL

    rock off

    shit. i should stop listening to my iPod.

    i'm with stupid

    Millions of years of human evolution, and suddenly we grind to a screeching halt.

    Monday, August 07, 2006

    wax on

    late news! Über-pornstar Jenna Jameson gets waxed!!!!

    latest news! time bandit just got on a flight to Vegas!!!!

    who cares? i'm rich, biatch!!!

    who the hell are we? what year is this again??

    and if you still can't get who this is ...

    ... you need make-up too!!!!

    the best of the week ...

    (... from Overheard in the

    Exec: If we are going to succeed, we need strong leadership from everyone on the team.


    Employee: Can I help you find something?
    Customer: I'm looking for a red wine.
    Employee: Cabernet, pinot noir, shiraz?
    Customer: No, I want a red wine.


    Employee #1, on phone: Good morning, sir, my name is Brad*, and I'm from an execution service agency.
    Employee #2: Dude. It's executive search agency!


    Electrician: I think I may have made a mistake.
    Owner of office: Ya think so? What gave it away, the flames?


    Little girl, pointing to ad poster: Dog!
    Father, looking at the ad: No, honey, that's Ellen Degeneres.


    Admin #1: How old is his son?
    Admin #2: Ten.
    Admin #1: And how many kids does he have?
    Admin #2: Three. They're triplets.
    Admin #1: And they're all ten?


    Male employee #1: How did Costa Rica go in the World Cup?
    Male employee #2: Who does he play for?
    Male employee #1: Are you serious?
    Male employee #2: What? Is he on the Australian team or something? Is that why I'm meant to know him?


    Man #1: No, you're not fucking listening here. There are no fire hydrants in the ocean.
    Man #2: But we could...
    Man #1: Oh my God. No fire hydrants! Are you hearing me? There are no fire hydrants in the ocean!


    Man: Do you have the movie Upside Down?
    Cashier: Let me check. Um, no.
    Man: The one about the two guys on the wine tour.
    Cashier: You mean Sideways?
    Man: Yeah, that one.
    Cashier: It's under "S" on the wall.
    Man (to his friend): It's under "S" with Psycho.


    Admin #1: There is a 30% chance that it will rain today.
    Admin #2: Wow! That means there is a 60% chance that it won't.


    Engineer #1: What the hell were you thinking when you wrote this code?
    Engineer #2: Boobs.
    Engineer #1: Huh?!
    Engineer #2: Truthfully, it's likely I was thinking about boobs.


    GM: How were you days off?
    Supervisor: Pretty good. Did some hiking.
    GM: How was the conference?
    Supervisor: What conference?
    GM: I e-mailed you Wednesday about the loss prevention meeting on Thursday morning. I know it was short notice.
    Supervisor: Thursday was my day off. Wednesday was my day off. I wasn't here to check my e-mails.
    GM: So you didn't go to the mandatory meeting?
    Supervisor: Um.
    GM: You have to check your e-mail every day. No excuses.
    Supervisor: I wasn't here to check my e-mail.
    GM: No excuses.


    Delivery driver: I've never had to stop and check in before.
    Guard: Yes, you have. We started doin' it after 2-11.
    Delivery driver: You mean 9-11?
    Guard, rolling eyes: No. 2-11, when them people crashed them planes. 2-11.
    Delivery driver: That was in September.
    Guard: 2-11.


    Boss: I went to school with this guy...I don't remember his name, but he just became the president of some real estate development company in DC. Can you look him up on the internet? I'd like to send him a note.


    Guy: Wow! Look at the legs on that chick! Those are some really short shorts! Look, Bill!
    Bill: Yeah, that's my wife.


    like we need more gadgets to ruin our eyesight.

    while we're on that topic, i wouldn't mind playing games like this.

    More things to do in Utrecht

    I dont know what the band's called. The jazz trumpeteer added another level of sophistication to the reggae-infused rap. The music was still from the streets, but a rather more upscale street. Those guys rocked. After they finished their set, I went home.

    Only to find out a couple of hours later that this happened. I didnt mind the sirens at first. I thought the police were just out to arrest a few drunks.

    Anger leads to bar

    i know life in Nanjing is hard. so next time you find yourself in Nanjing, release all your frustrations in this bar.

    Friday, August 04, 2006

    turn around, bright eyes

    if you're gonna murder a popular song, the least you could do is do it with class, like this band. i hope i see their other works.

    smartass Vader

    George Lucas wanted to put comedy in The Empire Strikes Back but in the end, this footage didn't make it to the final cut.

    time killer

    take a break from the heat and work! pick your top 5!

    (obviously NSFW)

    Thursday, August 03, 2006

    dolce gaybana

    i've already seen this gay shit in GQ, but seems like they were paying homage to this.

    eeew! WTF!!!!

    Wednesday, August 02, 2006

    Girls in uniforms

    who is right and who is wrong in the Middle East crisis? It makes it very easy to choose sides once you've seen this.

    loose thread

    watch Loose Change first ... then read this. nyahahaha.

    does whatever a turkey can

    almost a classic ... Spiderman of Turkey.

    yeah, its a slow news day ... damn this heatwave ...

    Tuesday, August 01, 2006

    max is mad!

    it probably would have been better if he was found stuttering in the Mayan language of his forthcoming movie. as it is, we are seeing a pathetic situation turning out for one of the better actors out there.


    killing joke

    finalized! ever danced with a gay cowboy in the pale moonlight? i wish i knew how to quip you!

    The Mac Reboots

    Bruce Willis will save the Internet!!!

    while they're at it, why doesn't anyone make a live G.I. Joe movie? oh thats right, it'll be shot down by critics who hate American jingoism, just like i mentioned about a potential Captain America movie. but Willis could do a great Duke ... (and of course, people should die in the film, not like the kiddie cartoon version). paging Michael Bay, Michael Bay, call on line 1 ...