Sunday, April 12, 2009

Obama Pizzagate De-Pantsed

so, let us have the other side of the pie.


Jego said...

One down then. Now Obama rah-rah boys need to explain Obama's go-ahead for bombing targets in Pakistan (an ally in the 'war on terror') that has killed civilians, and the one about asking Congress 800+ billion more dollars for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, after criticizing the dumbkopf GW about doing the same thing.

I say he still gets Order of the Hypocrite. Nyaahahahahaahaa!!

grifter said...

he is drawing down on Iraq, and will ratchet up in Afghanistan and Pakistan, where the real action is. i know there always has to be an opposition party in a democracy, but some Republicans and their media mouthpieces (hello, Fox News) are just plain ridiculous (at the least).

Jego said...

Well youre there so you may have a better handle on this, but from here, Republicans and Democrats? Theyre all the same. Nyahahahahahaa!!