Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The latest in scientific bullshitery

It seems fat makes you remember stuff. Scientists are trying to develop a pill that would make memory 'stick'.
Researchers, looking into obesity, discovered that fatty foods not only send feelings of fullness to the brain but they also trigger a process that consolidates long term memories.

It believed that this is an evolutionary tool that enabled our distant ancestors to remember where rich sources of food were located.
Let me get this straight. Our ancestors ate fatty food and it triggered something in the chemicals in their brains so they would remember where the food was? Seriously? Look, if I ate rotten food at McJoe's bar and grill, wouldnt I remember that as well? Does that mean rotten food also makes my memories stick in my brain?
"Remembering the location and context of a fatty meal was probably an important survival mechanism for early humans," he said. "It makes sense that mammals have this capability."

Gee, you think? Did it take millions of dollars in research money to tell you that? And your contention is that the fat did made them remember? Something like, say, watermelons won't work?

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