Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I got an email today from some social networking site called Tagged, in which I dont have an account, nor will I ever get an account, asking me to confirm whether or not the photo in the email is me. It is.

However, the file isnt in any website. It's in my harddisk. As far as I know I have never given this photo to anybody, have not tagged it as mine. How did these creeps get into my computer?


grifter said...

i believe it is found in some website (or in some colleagues' hard drive); you just think it is in yours.

is your hard disk an external one that you lug around with you even in the bathroom? or are you referring to the drive in your virus-laden PC back in your home office? you have to be specific here, mon ami.

you usually get an invite from Tagged via a member whom you know. but i sneer at Tagged as a poorer MySpace, and i am not surprised if they create their own viruses looking at members' hard drives and sending out mass invites based on any info they can find.

as their CEO, probably gloating in his whiskey right now, rolling in the remaining dollars their ad revenue is bringing, would say ... "Bang! You've Been Tagged!"

i'm sure Ted Failon got Tagged too (but that is neither here nor there).

Jego said...

It is in the hard-drive of my laptop. The virus laden PC where it used to be was wiped clean. It is not on some website. They were in my laptop, man. And they probably have access to some secret info about you they accessed from it.

grifter said...

there you go: your laptop has been hacked in the land of Chinks, firewall and all. ugh.

secret info? hmmm ... the part where i'm gay. well, truth will out.