Friday, May 29, 2009

Limericks about nothing

There once was a man from Jakarta
Who claims he can make his dick harder
Than a diamond drill
Tis a singular skill
Wild horses could not tame his ardor

There once was a man, a New Yorker
Who likes doing things with his corker
He'd go out with a ho
Order french fries to go
And eats off her back as he porks her

There once was a blogger from Jersey
Whose exploits with birds are quite rare, see
But it's during those nights
Of pure sensual delights
That he shags them til they beg for mercy

Austin's pretty good to our homeboy
For not once was he home alone, boy
Every night on the town
Is a Texas hoedown
Some chick be polishing his chrome, boy


grifter said...

readers, take note ... "once".

Jego said...

Tis a literary device, Philistine.

ryukenden said...


grifter said...


Jego said...

Yeah we get it. You did that once.

grifter said...

you forgot the onion rings part.