Friday, February 13, 2009

so we know whom to deploy eh?

5 things you didn't know (or maybe you already do) about the biggest argument against capitalism.

look at point number 4:

4- Only one organization in the world employs more people than Wal-Mart

... However, they’ll need to go on a highly unlikely hiring spree in order to reach this list’s No. 1: the Chinese Army. No, this is not a joke. The number of active troops in the Chinese Army is around 2.25 million -- a mere 325,000 more than Wal-Mart.

325,000? pfah. King Leonidas had a bigger deficit. get ready, Wal-Mart employees!

(and yes, Wal-Mart is so evil we have to shop there for goods to ship home at half the cost what i would be paying my regular grocery. in doing so, i become an enabler. damn you, Waltons!)

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Jego said...

Prepare for war, SM. Let's not allow these foreign invaders on our shores.