Monday, February 02, 2009

See? I told you.

Corporate jets are good for the economy, peasant.
But consider this: The General Aviation Manufacturers Association estimates that more than one million people are employed manufacturing, maintaining, flying and managing business aircraft. In addition to keeping legions at work in top-paying jobs, business aircraft facilitate and expand commerce for their users and contribute $150 billion to the American economy annually.

With that in mind, it’s astounding to see members of Congress, the very people doling out hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to failed companies, disparaging and even actively trying to curtail this industry, which is already reeling from the economic and credit crises. The business jet is merely a tool — one that, employed correctly, could help those same struggling institutions soar again and start paying back the money owed, with interest.


grifter said...

your sarcasm will make other readers miss the point: stop buying luxury items when everyone else is hemorrhaging money. when the economy regains its feet and you all get "rich" again, fine, go buy all the corporate jets you want and stick them up your candy ass.

Jego said...

OR, instead of bailing out losers like the US auto industry, use the money to bail out winners. Like productive citizens.

grifter said...

me! me! pick me!