Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Ummm, frenchman, yummy," the toilet said

Firefighters took more than an hour to free the man, before lifting him from the train on a stretcher with the entire toilet still stuck to his arm.

A fire spokesman said: "He was cut free from the toilet on the platform and apart from suffering bruising and smelling a bit, he suffered no other injuries."
What was he doing? He was trying to retrieve his phone from the crapper. Another reason why you shouldnt buy the most expensive gadget out there. If my cheap phone fell in the crap, I'd have no qualms about flushing it.


grifter said...

that is no excuse for not taking good care of anything you own.

Jego said...

... said the man who owns an iPhone and several pieces of high-tech wizardry, including a hat that can open wine bottles.

grifter said...

yummm ... wine.