Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's all a friggin sham

Bono's environment-love ek, that is.
Put another way, U2's CO2 emissions are reportedly the equivalent to the average annual waste produced by 6,500 British people, or the same as leaving a lightbulb running for 159,000 years.
Damn these celebrities and their hypocrisy. It's all your fault, Gore.
And look at how one fan justifies all this:
"The carbon footprint of this might be quite large, but the spiritual rewards to the audience of this are those that enhance a life," Mark Reed wrote in a review for the Final Word website. "If all life were bread and water, then there would be nothing to lift mankind above the amoeba."
Spiritual rewards? It's a friggin rock concert! It's where thousands of people go to listen to rock songs performed live, then go home and do whatever it is theyve been doing. You'd think Bono was some kind of Jesus or something. Spiritual rewards. Pfsh!

But wait! Maybe it's okay because Bono will pay money to offset the carbon emissions:
Though U2 may yet announce that they are paying to carbon offset their world tour – they would need to plant 20,118 trees a year...
Awwwww, that's nice. 20,118 trees should cover it and assuage Bono's guilt, right? Wrong.

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grifter said...

(ring, ring)

God: Hello?

Bono: Hello, God? this is Bono. just informing you that i am officially replacing you.

God: ...