Sunday, January 11, 2009

roll your eyes, one more time

this really sounds like a religion foisting itself upon the masses in the name of 'morality'.

China expanded an Internet cleanup campaign Friday, shutting down an edgy blog hosting site for apparently carrying "harmful comments" and naming more than a dozen sites containing pornography or other vulgar content.

Late on Thursday, the China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center -- the government-backed body that monitors the Internet -- posted a list on its Web site naming more than a dozen sites, including Microsoft's MSN, that it says need to clean up pornographic content.

The sites contained a large amount of vulgar material that "violated society's morals, and harmed the health of young people," the notice said. It urged the sites to eliminate offensive content and for Internet users to monitor the process.

the internet a source of immoral material? no way! get outta heah!!!

and rolling tanks over people is an example of shining behavior. whoooopeeeeeee!

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Jego said...

Can't argue with including Microsoft MSN however. That site's feelthee!